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Customer Testimonials

The vast majority of our studies are proprietary in nature and are conducted under a non-disclosure agreement. The following are some comments from several of our clients regarding their experiences working with the TechWise Research Team:

I have worked with Chip on several major projects over the past five years and have always had outstanding results. Chip has the proven ability to work through complex business problems while concentrating on the critical issues. He is very perceptive and understands the internal pressures of our company and quickly responds to 'urgent requests,' making my job much easier.
- Lost sales analysis
- Computer printer manufacturer
The TechWise team is very easy to work with. Both Chip and Lauren are proactive and do an excellent job of keeping me informed on the status of the project. Any time I needed assistance, they were quickly available to answer questions and keep the project moving forward at top speed. Their attention to detail and quality is outstanding. Furthermore, they are extremely reliable.
- Variety of projects conducted
- Industry consultant
Throughout our working relationship, Chip has consistently delivered top quality research. I found his easygoing and approachable management style easy to work with. In addition, he clearly demonstrated the necessary level of analytical expertise to be successful in market research.
- Several quantitative studies
- Server manufacturer
Chip has the rare ability to integrate himself personally into our organization in a valuable consulting role by quickly grasping the issues at hand, and making recommendations that improve our decision making processes. His technical adeptness has provided him the ability to 'get right in there' with product marketing and lab teams, oftentimes helping them through areas they have long been struggling over. Every one of the studies that Chip led has included in-depth analysis that our senior management team has found invaluable.
- Concept testing and refinement study
- Mass storage manufacturer
I have had the pleasure of working with Chip for over two years as he personally supervised eight national and international market research studies targeted at MIS and IT professionals, as well as channels of distribution. During this time, I have been impressed with Chip's commitment to excellence, customer service, and contributions towards the continuous improvement of the market research process within our division.
- Several market sizing studies
- Network hardware manufacturer
My firm hired Chip Levinson in 2002 and again in 2006 as an expert witness to analyze and interpret customer survey data in breach of contract cases where customer satisfaction was a central issue to the case. Chip, after qualifying before the court as an expert witness, was able to break down and explain statistical issues in a way that was found by the jury to be credible and understandable. Chip was invaluable in assisting my firm in developing and presenting the themes which ultimately convinced the jury in both cases to rule in favor of my firm’s client. I have personally seen Chip handle the deposition process with poise and skill, and was impressed with the objective manner in which Chip was able to point out the fallacies in the opposing expert’s analysis. Chip has superior analytical skills and market research knowledge, and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a consultant or expert witness in any case involving analysis of survey data.
- Expert Witness
- Law Firm
Since 1998 I have worked with Chip on countless market research projects. It is always a pleasure to work with Chip and his TechWise team. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Chip's accuracy and attention to detail is outstanding. His combination of marketing and market research expertise enables him to consistently deliver actionable research that is valued by senior management. I highly recommend Chip for anyone looking to conduct quantitative market research.
- Total Cost of Ownership Studies
- Computer Products Manufacturer
Your project management process and the responsiveness of your team is just terrific! Every time I needed assistance, you were quickly available to answer questions and keep the project moving along at top speed. Once again, Chip, thanks for all your hard work on such a successful research effort!
- Market sizing/modeling study
- Network printer manufacturer
I have worked with Chip and his team on several projects ranging from market research to product focus groups, and particularly customer satisfaction. He and his company are probably the best I have ever worked with. Chip's domain expertise translates into a consultative relationship that delivers actionable results, not just a lot of interesting data. He is very strong at providing the analysis of the data and what can be done in response to key trends discovered. I highly recommend him and would be happy to discuss my experiences with his company with anyone that might be thinking about engaging TechWise Research.
- Multiple Choice Modeling and Pricing Studies
- Storage Products Manufacturer
It is tremendously beneficial to work with a team that is knowledgeable about our business. That knowledge contributes to thorough survey design to uncover the needed information, and comprehensive analysis, reporting and presentation of a large amount of detailed data in an understandable, relevant format
- Dual conjoint study
- Network hardware manufacturer
Chip did an outstanding job of understanding our overall goal and gathering the needed information from our customers. Most importantly, the analysis and presentation of the data was easy to follow and left little question as to the areas of primary, future focus.
- Customer satisfaction study
- Telecommunications equipment manufacturer.

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