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Executive Summary

Brief History of OpenVMS

Data Collection Strategy

TCU Scenarios Analyzed

The Two Sides of the
TCU Equation

Up-Front Costs Associated
with an Upgrade

Ongoing Savings Resulting
from an Upgrade

Cash Flow Analysis for
One-for-One Upgrades

Cash Flow Analysis for
Server Consolidations

Oracle Users May Have a More
Compelling Reason to Upgrade


Quantifying the Total Cost of Upgrading HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers

A Detailed Analysis of the Potential Benefits of Upgrading OpenVMS environments from HP AlphaServer systems to HP Integrity servers. (May 2007)

For over a decade companies in a wide variety of industries have deployed OpenVMS AlphaServer systems in business-critical applications. Many studies have proven that OpenVMS AlphaServer systems offer superior reliability and Total Cost of Ownership. HP will shortly stop selling AlphaServers, however, in favor of its Integrity server product line. This paper provides a detailed Total Cost of UpgradeTM, or TCUTM, analysis for upgrading OpenVMS AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS Integrity systems. It quantifies the costs and benefits from the upgrade and provides detailed cash flow analyses for four upgrade and two consolidation scenarios. The analysis shows that in many cases companies cannot afford not to upgrade from AlphaServer to Integrity. In some of the scenarios studied the payback period is so short that it is measured in months, not years.

TechWise Research conducted in-depth interviews with 46 companies, utilized system pricing data from IDEAS International, and obtained performance data from HP for the analyses. The analysis discovered several benefits to the upgrade including reduced HP support costs, reduced power consumption, improved performance, opportunities for consolidation, potential floor space savings, potential reduction in Oracle support costs, and the latest technology. Specifically, the prices HP charges for hardware and software support on Integrity are much lower than the out-of-warranty costs for AlphaServers. In addition, the Integrity servers are much more efficient in terms of power than AlphaServer systems. Almost all of the scenarios studied result in a 50% or greater reduction in power use. The newer Integrity servers often offer twice the performance of the older AlphaServer systems. This means the Integrity servers will be running at a lower CPU utilization which will allow for future growth. This performance advantage also means that customers could consolidate multiple AlphaServer systems into fewer Integrity servers. Whether or not a company is consolidating servers, upgrading to Integrity often yields floor space savings because Integrity servers fit in standard racks while many AlphaServers require custom enclosures. Thanks to Oracle's treatment of the dual-core Montecito chips in Integrity, companies may be able to cut their Oracle support costs in half by upgrading from AlphaServer to Integrity. Finally, the upgrade makes strategic sense. Moving from AlphaServer to Integrity means that the company's infrastructure will be based on current technology that will continue to improve in price and performance.

Each company will face a unique decision when it comes to upgrading from AlphaServer to Integrity. The age-old adage of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" may not apply in most cases. HP has taken steps to make the upgrade decision easier by offering free software upgrades to OpenVMS Integrity for OpenVMS AlphaServer customers with appropriate support contracts. HP also made it easy to port well-behaved custom code. Custom applications may only need a simple recompile and relink to run on OpenVMS Integrity. This is because the OpenVMS source code and libraries are the same for AlphaServer and Integrity. OpenVMS AlphaServer systems have been shown to offer superior reliability and Total Cost of Ownership. This study shows that OpenVMS on Integrity is just as easy to manage and reliable as OpenVMS on AlphaServer. Any company that plans on using OpenVMS for the foreseeable future would be wise to look into upgrading to Integrity. The upgrade has the potential to pay for itself quickly, lower annual support and operating costs significantly, and improve system performance dramatically.

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