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Executive Summary

Study Results

Background on VAX

Total Cost of Upgrade Defined

Screening Criteria

What Was Measured

Who Was Surveyed

Steps Taken as Part of the
Upgrade Process

Satisfaction with the Upgrade

Configurations Tested

Impact of Various Costs on
the Break Even Analysis

Break Even Analysis for
Other Configurations

Non-Financial Benefits


Quantifying the Total Cost of Upgrading OpenVMS VAX Systems to HP OpenVMS AlphaServer Systems

A Detailed Analysis of the Benefits Realized and Satisfaction Achieved by Upgrading VAX Environments To HP AlphaServer Systems Running OpenVMS. (August 2000)

Since its introduction 23 years ago, more than one-half million VAX systems have been sold. However, like all computing architectures, the VAX could not remain on the leading edge of technology forever. Several years ago, an announcement was made regarding an end-of-ship date for the VAX. Since the introduction of the AlphaServer, many OpenVMS VAX customers have upgraded to the newer 64-bit AlphaServer system. This study focused on quantifying the benefits associated with upgrading various OpenVMS VAX systems to HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems. A detailed cash flow analysis was performed on four different configurations to determine how quickly these systems paid for themselves.

TechWise Research surveyed a total of 62 companies in the United States that have upgraded a VAX environment to AlphaServer in the past three years. All respondents were required to be familiar with the upgrade process itself, as well as, the operational characteristics of the VAX environment and the AlphaServer environment that replaced it.

Study Results
One major finding is that companies who have upgraded their OpenVMS VAX to HP OpenVMS AlphaServer are extremely satisfied with their decision. Respondents reported many benefits as a result of their upgrade including increased performance, reduced service costs, greater growth capabilities, and increased customer satisfaction. Another key finding is that most companies saw a dramatic 61% decrease in downtime as a result of their upgrade. Based on the data collected, companies have the potential to save between $329,000 and $800,000 per year, in unplanned downtime costs alone, by upgrading an OpenVMS VAX system to an HP OpenVMS AlphaServer system.

Results of the study also show that the costs associated with upgrading software and installing the new system sometimes equals the price of the hardware itself. However, even despite this initial cost, the VAX to AlphaServer upgrade process pays for itself in a very short time. This is because the AlphaServer offers significant savings in service contract, management, and downtime costs. When all these factors are considered in the analysis, the upgrade to HP OpenVMS AlphaServer pays for itself in six months or less for all four configurations tested. Furthermore, companies have the potential to save millions of dollars over a three-year period.

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