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What is Theoretical Incidence Rate?

It is the frequency of something occurring in a given population. If 20% of all households in the U.S. have a color laser printer at home, for instance, then the Theoretical Incidence Rate (T.I.R) of color laser printers in households is 20%.

Note: From a practical standpoint, market research firms are interested in knowing bottom line what percentage of people contacted will actually qualify and complete the survey. Our Actual Incidence Rate (AIR) calculator answers this question.

Theoretical Incidence Rate (TIR) Calculator

Below are the definitions for the terms used in this calculator.

  • Completes: Completed interviews
  • Drop Outs: Respondents who end the interview after having been successfully qualified.
  • Not Qualified: Respondents who are disqualified because they do not meet one or more of the screening criteria.
  • Over Quota: Respondents who would have been considered eligible if it were not for their quota group being full.  A quota is an artificial limit that is placed on certain types of respondents.



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