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TechWise Research company profile.TechWise Research is an independent, primary market research firm that specializes in the computer and other high technology industries. Our core strengths are in the design and implementation of custom quantitative market research studies that provide our clients with valuable insights regarding their customers, competitors, and markets.

Some of the "customer-focused" research studies we conduct include product concept testing, customer catisfaction, purchase process, product usage, and total cost of ownership studies. Many of these studies can be expanded to include a "competitor component." For instance, although not necessary, our customer satisfaction/loyalty studies often include a competitive component because it is usually more valuable to measure customer satisfaction both independent and relative to key competitors. Another area of expertise for TechWise is to compare the true total cost of ownership between products from different manufacturers. TechWise has published a number of white papers on this subject. Summaries of these papers may be found at white papers.

The two types of "market-focused" studies TechWise conducts most often include market segmentation and conjoint analysis. TechWise has developed a custom market simulation methodology, called TechWise Market Model, that enables us to accurately estimate product preference share. The results from all of these studies can be used for a year or more to help clients refine their marketing strategies over time. We also regularly conduct standard "survey research" where we collect and analyze information on unique product or marketing related issues.

In terms of qualitative research, TechWise conducts executive interviews, telephone focus groups, and success story studies. Many of our qualitative studies are used as precursors to a quantitative project. TechWise also provides consulting and research services to support trademark litigation. If you ever learn that a competitor is infringing on one of your trademarks, TechWise can provide you with customer data that can be used to prove this infringement and secure an injunction.

Our mission is to deliver actionable market research while providing unsurpassed client service. We achieve this goal through the following:

  • Experience - Our core team has 28 years of combined experience conducting primary market research for leading computer and high technology companies. This industry focus enables us to add value to our clients' projects in both the design and analysis phases.

  • Flexibility - We have the ability to make adjustments during a project in response to changing project requirements or unexpected findings. This flexibility ensures our clients receive the highest value for their research dollars.

  • Quality Control - We have established systems and processes to ensure quality results. These include policies regarding data collection, as well as analytical and reporting procedures. A senior staff member is personally involved in every stage of the project including survey design and pre-testing, data validation, analysis, report preparation, and the final presentation.

  • Attitude- We enjoy working with clients and helping them solve their information needs. This attitude fuels our creative drive to do "whatever it takes" to give our clients the most value for their research dollars.

Executive Profiles

Chip Levinson, President of TechWise, is a senior executive with over 22 years of experience in market research, business development, and product marketing. To learn more about Chip, visit Chip's Linked In Profile.

Jim Rainville, National Accounts Manager, is a marketing and sales professional with extensive experience in product marketing and promotion, direct marketing techniques, customer consulting, and Internet/web based promotion. To learn more about Jim, visit Jim's Linked In Profile.

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Company Profile
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